XR Bridge

2018 - 2019
Royal College of Art
Design Products

This project is about building a bridge between the real world and the physical world.VR experience is usually very intimate. A VR user is isolated from the physical world at the moment of wearing the headset. However, when it comes to activities and careers with multi-participant, like multi-player games and designing, the disconnection between two worlds becomes a hindrance to communication and cooperation.

9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering in 1966 showed exciting outcomes of art meeting technologies. In addition, there are lots of functional VR software and platform supporting art and design. As seeing the huge potential of VR technology in the art and design field, I focused on designing for VR artists and designer.

I made a colour picker and a VR drawing system enables the user to collect the colour data from the real world and draw with the colour in the virtual world.

For artists and designers, colour is one of the most ubiquitous things in their career. Moreover, everything has colours. So if the bridge is built based on colours, it means the connection is more achievable and flexible.

- Performance -

Investigations indicate that VR artists mostly live on doing VR painting performance. However, eye contacts and interactions are not available between VR artists and audience, which can sharply reduce the quality of the performance.

An artist is using the colour picker to pick colours from a colour wheel and a wearable colour board, and drawing in VR. We also added some background music to this performance. I am trying to develop a new style of VR performance, like a band of VR artists. When he is drawing in VR, he actually performs like a DJ and a guitarist in the real world. The colour picker also gives the audience in the real world a better understanding of what the artist is doing, instead of watching random and meaningless gestures.

- Collaboration -

Collaboration is essential in a design process. However, VR designers sometimes have communication problems with their clients. The clients in the real world can not change anything in virtual reality, and describing requests only based on words is not easy. The VR designer has to take off the headset over and over again to communicate with the clients, which can have a bad impact on working efficiency.

The colour picker enables the clients to easily pick colours they prefer from the sample materials they brought for the designer and the designer can use the colours and focus on shaping models in virtual reality. This forms better cooperation between VR designers and clients.

- Synesthesia -

The colour picker is surprisingly found can help people build synesthesia. An artist picked colours from an apple and used the colour to draw a dragon in virtual reality. After finishing drawing, she ate the apple. This gives her a strong sense of smell and taste of an artwork.

Colours link a real object with the virtual world, which can give people different perspectives and understandings about an artwork. This could have a huge potential to help develop people's creativity and imagination.

To be continue...