Pet Virtual Cat

2018 - 2019
Royal College of Art
Design Products

VR haptic will be the next revolution of VR technology. Touch has played an important role in people's learning and cognition of the world. As VR technology is dedicated to providing people with immersive experiences and bringing people into a new and unfamiliar virtual world, in order to adapt to the new world as soon as possible for better work and entertainment, people must obtain as much information as possible to understand the new environment, like a newborn baby. Loss of touch can become an obstacle to people's familiarity with the virtual world, and greatly reduce the quality and authenticity of the immersive experience.

According to this feature, I made a material ball roller and a cat touching VR experience. The tester needs to wear the device on the wrist. When the tester touches the cat in virtual reality, the hairy and fluffy material ball will lift up to give a pressure on the tester's hand. Then, if the tester moves the hand through the surface of the virtual cat, the material ball will start to rotate in the opposite direction of the hand movement. The material ball can change rotating speed according to how fast the hand moves, in order to provide a more realistic haptic material feedback.