Balance Buggy

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︎ Merit Award in China Universities Industial Design Competition

In this project, I designed a buggy, especially for young parents. As more and more young parents need to take the children with them during their leisure and entertainment time, as the time for shopping, park jogging or sunbathing, which is a painstaking job, having a buggy would help a lot.

After lots of research about self-balancing vehicle's capability, user psychology, and buggy, I came up with a new concept of the buggy. It not only provides an easier way of using buggy but also convert carrying their child into doing exercise, which is more fun and meaningful that young parents would be willing to do.

A baby car seat is fitted in the buggy. It can also be used isolatedly so that parents can drive their child to some place then continuously use the baby car seat when using the buggy. They won't need to buy extra seats.

There are two user modes.
- Ordinary mode:
    Parents push the buggy to move. It can also generate electricity while moving.
- Balance mode:
    Parents stand on the pedal and ride the buggy as a self-balance car, for fun, physical exercise and energy saving.

Color selection is mainly about the psychological characteristics of the user. Reference factors includes their age, gender, personality and so on. Fashion colors will be more attractive to young parents and children.