Arya Huang

is a designer and engineer, specialized in product design and VR technology. She is a bilingual talent who work in art and technology field.

She studied Industry design at Shanghai University Of Engineering Science in China since 2014. During the course She got lots of skills like sketching, making, UI design and 3D modelling at an expert. She is proficient in various software include Rhino, Keyshot, Illustration, Photoshop, Premiere. She also participated in product design projects with Philips, Haworth, and POVOS.

In 2017, she went to the Royal College of Art for MA degree in London. She studied in Design Products program. In the first year, she was in Mixed Reality Theme group as a VR developer. Then she continued her interests in VR technology in Object Media Interaction platform in the second year. During the course, she self-trained coding skills and electrical and mechanical abilities. She also attended lots of VR events in the UK and did lots of research in human-computer interaction and explored the potential of human abilities and new interaction ways between human and computer.

Moreover, she has interests and knowledge in 3D printing. She participated in a 3D printing workshops in Victoria and Albert Museum and GoldSmith.
She also has wide interests in handcraft, origami and nature. She has the knowledge and high-level skills of origami and she worked for the London Zoo and Natural History Museum in 2018 for supporting their Gala.